Natwarlal The greatest con man - 13 mind-blowing facts

Rarely we come across extraordinary people whose story can amuse you. I am pretty sure that you might have heard of the name Natwarlal but not many are aware of his totally amusing feats of that gave him his name. 

The lawyer who turned into the greatest ‘Conman’ India has ever seen with his endless clever frauds. Natwarlal, whose real name was Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava was born in 1912 at Bihar which he left at the age of 15 never to return. By profession he was a lawyer before he turned into a conman.

Here I have put together few of few of his unbelievable feats:

Posing as a Government official sold the mighty Taj Mahal thrice to foreigners by tricking them in believing him!

2. In the same manner, he sold the Rashtrapati Bhavan once, the Red Fort (Lal Qila) twice and even the Indian Parliament along with its 545 sitting members!

3. The master conman skillfully used more than 50 different names to disguise himself to fool people.

4. He easily forged signatures of many, including celebrities like a pro. He even forged the President Rajendra Prasad's signature to sell monuments.

5. He cheated many shop owners to the tune of lacs of rupees using forged cheques and demand drafts.

6. Posed as needy social worker and took huge amount of cash from top industrialists as charity.

7. Wanted in 8 States with 100+ Cases registered against him and an incredible 113 years of prison life awarded to him.

8. He made 8 daring escapes from different jails. He was arrested 9 times but managed to escape each time!

9. In his last escape in 1996, police were taking an 84-year-old ill and wheelchair bound Natwarlal from jail to hospital. He just disappeared at New Delhi railway station never to be seen again.

10. He once walked out of a jail dressed as Police Sub-inspector (uniform was smuggled to his cell). Bribed his cell guards to open the jail door, took taxi and disappeared.

11. His death is also a mystery. While his lawyer claims, he died in 2009, His brother claims he died 13 years ago, that is, in 1996! So, he literally died twice!

12. He is so famous, his fans in his hometown wished to erect a life-size statue of him.

13. His legendary con art also inspired Bollywood movies like Mr. Natwarlal which starred Amitabh Bachchan as well as the movie named Raja Natwarlal which starred Emraan Hashmi.

In spite of being dead for years, he will remain India’s most popular Conman.

Walkaround Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid Hypercar model - Stunning

The premium ticket at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was all worth it since I finally got a chance to walk-around the beautiful LaFerrari - the limited production first hybrid sports car built by Ferrari.This 6.3 litre 950bhp V12 engine hypercar can take on McLaren P1. I also felt some design similarities with the Pagani Huayra though it might be just me.


It has a top speed of 350km/h!  Similar to that of Enzo. It reaches 100km/h in less than 3 seconds! It is one of the most expensive car from Ferrari with a price tag of around dollar 1.7 million.

Even if you were a millionaire and could easily afford it, you wouldn’t have been able to lay your hands on it since all the 499 vehicles were sold strictly by invitation and exclusively to known Ferrari enthusiasts. Yes, you read it right. Just 499 of these beauties are built! A 500th LaFerrari was produced that was auctioned in 2016 for a whopping $7 million which made it the most expensive 21st century car to be sold at an auction.

One look at the LaFerrari and you will realize its uniqueness. It is not your daily drive car. It rather belongs to be kept as a priceless possession. Just imagine the maintenance cost and expensive spare parts of this beast. That shouldn’t be a problem to those owning it due to their deep pockets.

With only 499 of them in the world, I am pretty sure I won’t be seeing this on the street which makes seeing this beauty in flesh worthwhile. Only gripe is I couldn’t hear this V12 revving which people say is equally glorious. It can also run in electric mode with makes it totally silent too.

Check out this walkaround video I shot of this magnificent car.

How to confirm if you are blocked on WhatsApp – 4 Checklists

How many times you have wondered if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Indicators such as no message response, no profile picture visible etc. are there but this can be a result of factors such as network issues or strict user privacy settings.

So how do we know for sure and confirm if the other person has blocked you?
Try these four smart checklists together to know for sure if you are indeed blocked. Check this video for visual explanation. If you would rather read, please see below.

Checklist 1 - Last seen activity

The contacts ‘last seen’ or ‘online’ status in the chat window below their name is missing!
Note: There is an option to turn this feature off and some people may choose not to share their last seen information.

Checklist 2 - profile picture mystery!

Do check the display Picture of the contact. If it is strangely missing, try asking a common friend if they are able to see the picture. If they can see the display picture and you cannot, then it is bad news!

If profile picture is visible in chat window, but you see a green invite button next to the person's name in ‘Contacts’ window, then the person has uninstalled WhatsApp!

Try this, add or change the contact picture in your phone contact list. Exit WhatsApp and restart it. If their WhatsApp profile picture changes to the one that you have saved in your phones contact list, it means you are blocked.

Note: Some people may choose to turn off profile picture sharing option.

Checklist 3 - Read receipts

Let us First understand difference between single grey tick, double grey tick and double blue tick.

Single grey tick = Message Sent
Double grey tick = Message delivered to recipient’s phone
Double blue tick = Message has been read

Now if you are blocked, any message sent to this person will always show one tick.

Note: Some people turn off read receipts. Hence you may not see the blue tick. Also, if the other person is out of network coverage, your message might not get delivered immediately. So, wait for a while before concluding.

Checklist 4 - WhatsApp Group

Try creating a WhatsApp group and adding the contact to the group. If you get some error while trying to add the contact, its certain that you are blocked.

Note: One can only block individual WhatsApp contacts. It means if you both are part of a same group, even if both of you block each other, you can still see and read each other's messages in group.

Press and hold your last send message in group chat - tap on message info. 
If the other person has read your message in group, but your direct messages does not reach them and double grey check mark does not appear, it means you are blocked.

Since most settings can individually be turned off by the other person, confirm all the 4 checklists to conclude that you are indeed blocked
Even If you are blocked, your WhatsApp call will show as if dialing but your call will not reach the other person’s phone!

Extra tip: If the person who blocked you unblocks you later, all the messages you send earlier while you were blocked will always have one tick since those messages will never reached them.

Walkaround Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the most powerful Ferrari in its range.

Walkaround of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta the most powerful Ferrari in its range. Perfect beautiful proportions.

It has front grille that looks kind of similar to the FF as well as headlights look somewhat similar to 458 Italia and FF.

In Italian language, Berlinetta means 'Little saloon'. It delivers 730-hp with 6.3-litre V-12 engine.
It sure is very powerful as well as comfortable to drive at the same time.

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Curious Red Blood Parrots (Blood Parrot Fish)

My beautiful red blood parrots are always curious and mildly aggressive too. Best fishes ever!